JRL Infrastructure: Witness Government’s Commitment to Bolstering Jurong and Contributing to the Vibrant Growth of Lumina Grand EC

As part of a larger development, Lumina Grand EC has access to an abundance of amenities such as a retail mall, club houses, entertainment activities and educational hubs. Therefore Lumina Grand EC will be a great place of residence, providing its residents a convenient life style. Not to mention, its close proximity to the Jurong Regional Line (JRL), allowing rapid access to the city centre with a short travelling time. All in all, Lumina Grand EC is a gem nestled in the heart of a rapidly developing Jurong.

The JRL stands as a testament to the government’s dedication to fostering the growth and development of the Jurong area. This crucial infrastructure now in place sets the stage for further advancement and growth in the future, keeping Lumina Grand EC at the centre of a flourishing and vibrant part of Singapore.

Being so close to Bukit Batok and Jurong shopping centres, Lumina Grand EC offers much more than just a residential complex; it’s a lifestyle. Its combination of convenience, variety, and luxury allow its residents to truly experience urban living without the everyday hustle. Whether your passion is shopping, food, movies, or the finer things in life, Lumina Grand EC has it all. Make every day feel like a celebration when you choose a lifestyle at Lumina Grand EC, situated in the heart of these incredible shopping paradises.

Situated in the heart of Bukit Batok, Lumina Grand EC offers a luxurious living experience surrounded by the bustle of the city. Among its most prominent attributes is the prime location, near some of Singapore’s best shopping destinations. Close to these malls isn’t just about spoiling oneself – it’s about the benefits of convenience, diversity, and a vibrant urban atmosphere. Let’s take a look at how Lumina Grand EC’s closeness to the shopping centres in Bukit Batok and Jurong adds to its appeal as a residential area.

In conclusion, Lumina Grand EC is more than just a home; it is a statement of luxury lifestyle. For those who are looking to upgrade their HDB, this residence offers a unique mix of amenities, convenience, community, and potential for future appreciation. It is thus not just an upgraded residential area but a superior living experience right in the centre of Bukit Batok.

Work is progressing on the Lumina Grand EC project, with around 510 units to be built across 10 blocks of 12-13 storeys, as well as a basement car park. Kwek of CDL stressed the favourable location of the site, and its proximity to the upcoming Tengah New Town and Jurong Lake District, giving residents access to an array of amenities and to commercial and recreational hubs.

Residents of Lumina Grand EC are presented with an eco-friendly manner of commuting due to the nearby JRL, thus providing them with a viable green alternative to the traditional method of driving. This reduction of their carbon footprint is a part of sustainable living and echoes the nation’s ambition of leading towards a brighter, greener future.

Lumina Grand touts its opulence while remaining competitively priced, particularly when compared to private condominiums. This affordability combined with the potential for property appreciation in the ever-developing Bukit Batok area makes this a highly attractive investment opportunity and a testament to practical financial planning.

The strategic location of Lumina Grand EC in Bukit Batok ensures an enviable level of accessibility. This residential development is situated close to key transportation hubs such as the Bukit Batok MRT station and multiple bus interchanges, granting inhabitants easy access to the city centre. For commuters, this creates a convenient and fast transit journey.

From an investment outlook, the Lumina Grand EC stands out brightly. With its multitude of amenities and highly sought-after address, it offers tremendous capital appreciation potential. The flexibility of ECs, particularly post the Minimum Occupation Period, adds to this property’s allure.

It has been estimated that the beginning selling price of units at the Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 site is anticipated to be approximately $1,300 per square foot.

As they move into their teenage years, children require nurturing from institutions that can help them make wise decisions about their futures. Bukit Batok Secondary School, located near Lumina Grand EC, is a perfect choice for accomplishing this goal. By emphasizing character education, academic excellence, and leadership skills, it guides young individuals towards becoming confident and mindful members of society.

Famed for its top-tier academic standards and an array of development programs, Princess Elizabeth Primary School is a prime educational institution in the area. Its curriculum is structured to prepare students, not only for academic success, but also to arm them with values and capabilities that are essential for the future. Its close proximity to Lumina Grand EC makes the commute to school more convenient for parents, giving them extra quality time with their children.

The upcoming Jurong Region Line (JRL) promises to offer exciting opportunities for Lumina Grand EC residents. With the new MRT line comes the development of shopping malls, entertainment zones, and food havens within close proximity to their homes. Enjoy browsing a plethora of stores, trying out diverse cuisines, and sampling endless leisure options – all just a stone’s throw away.

Just a stone’s throw from Lumina Grand EC, West Mall in Bukit Batok is a perfect place for all your shopping, dining, and entertainment needs. With plenty of retail stores, supermarkets, and a cinema close by, you can easily make a last minute trip to the movies or do sudden shopping runs without any hassle.

Keming Primary School is an institution highly sought after by many parents due to its focus on fostering creativity, innovation, and character development. Located just a short drive away from Lumina Grand EC, it offers a conducive learning environment with modern facilities and a team of passionate and committed educators.

Grand EC’s outstanding connectivity renders the commute to major business hubs such as Raffles Place, Marina Bay, and Tanjong Pagar very swift and straightforward. As such, professionals can now save more time for leisure activities with their loved ones or for recreation.

In comparison to the competing offers, the sale price tag of the Lumina Grand EC is noticeably lower than the $662 psf ppr achieved by the Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 EC site in March, secured by a consortium comprised of Qingjian Realty and Santarli Construction.

Lumina Grand EC’s strategic placement near a variety of prestigious schools offers families a unique opportunity to prioritize education. Having a convenient access to educational institutions from primary to tertiary level in an urban area is an undeniable privilege. For the residents of Lumina Grand EC, this privilege is more than just a luxury; it is part of their daily lives, allowing their kids to receive the highest quality of education without having to venture far. This remarkable development provides both luxurious living and excellent education, making it an ideal choice for those who value both.

CDL’s bid for Lumina Grand EC at Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 was an especially strategic move, as it seeks to increase its market dominance. This comes after the developer acquired Tengah Garden Walk EC in June 2020 for $603 psf ppr. The Copen Grand is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of the same year at the same site.

Lumina Grand EC pays tribute to the value of being part of a community. Even as it offers a major lifestyle improvement, the project ensures that the invaluable spirit of close-knit community and camaraderie, just like those found in HDB estates, stays alive. This is additionally reinforced through the various government projects in Bukit Batok that aims to introduce a larger variety of facilities and recreational spots, further spurring its appeal as a residential area.

JEM and Westgate, the twin jewels of Jurong East, provide an opulent shopping experience. Featuring elegant design, designer labels, and sumptuous eateries, they make any shopping trip an indulgent excursion.

For those who are looking for an international curriculum, Dulwich College is conveniently within easy reach. It boasts a global outlook, cutting-edge facilities, and a dedication to both personal and scholastic excellence, offering an unparalleled educational experience. Being near to this well-renowned school is an advantageous privilege for those living in Lumina Grand EC.

Set against the backdrop of the Lumina Grand EC, Bukit Batok Primary School serves as a glowing example of holistic education. With their mission to cultivate a stimulating and enriching learning atmosphere to foster and nurture the youth of Singapore, this school prides itself on its comprehensive academic curriculum and array of co-curricular activities. The primary intention of this institution is to empower and prepare their students with a unique and enriching educational experience.
Elsewhere, shoppers can also expect to find food items, lifestyle items, and health and beauty products. On-site services include a playroom, nursing room, and free-to-use tricycle service.

Big Box, another amazing shopping destination in the Jurong region, is a large hypermart offering a vast selection of products. From electronics to furniture, it’s a great spot for those shopping for their homes and features a comfortable setup as well as family-friendly amenities for parents with kids. In addition, shoppers can find food items, lifestyle items, and health and beauty products. Plus, the store is equipped with a playroom, nursing room, and a complimentary tricycle service.

It is a well-known fact that good connectivity contributes to a rise in real estate values. This phenomenon is sure to have a positive effect on Lumina Grand EC, due to the nearby construction of the JRL. Homeowners and investors alike can expect a higher return on their investment, given this infrastructural advancement.

The JRL will also boost commercial growth in the Jurong area, with more business hubs and parks being set up. This will bring about a multitude of job opportunities, which Lumina Grand EC owners may very well benefit from. The advantage of working closer to home is that it will reduce their commuting time, allowing them to have a better work-life balance.

The Lumina Grand estate beckons with its enticing allure, offering up a slew of amenities. From cutting-edge gymnasiums to tranquil swimming pools and convenient BBQ pits, this executive condominium (EC) complex caters to an elevated lifestyle rich with luxury and convenience that many HDB residents often can only dream of.

Locating itself conveniently close to major expressways such as the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) and Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE), Lumina Grand EC offers great accessibility to the different parts of Singapore. This includes both the vibrant Orchard Road and the tranquil East Coast Park, both of which can be reached easily by car. Moreover, the interconnecting roads minimise traffic congestion during rush hour, rendering travelling times more reliable and enjoyable.

As Singapore moves towards a more sustainable way of living, Lumina Grand EC has aligned itself to this noble cause. The estate’s design caters to those who prefer walking and cycling as forms of transport. Its bicycle-friendly pathways and pedestrian walkways make it easier for people to choose eco-friendly modes of transport, leading to a healthier lifestyle and a reduced carbon footprint.

Lumina Grand EC is quickly becoming one of the most desirable residential choices in Singapore, offering a desirable blend of convenience and sophistication. Its outstanding connectivity to various parts of Singapore is one of the main attractions, thanks to its seamless integration of public transport options and arterial road networks in the surrounding area. This allows residents to travel around the island with ease. Here’s a closer look at how Lumina Grand EC stands out as a symbol of connectivity in Singapore’s urban landscape.

Lumina Grand EC is more than a mere location – it is a work of art in modern architectural marvel. Its lavish interiors and exquisite design details are what make it stand out from other HDB apartments. It is a tremendous upgrade from the conventional HDB set-up, offering its HDB upgraders a luxurious atmosphere and sophisticated flair.

Millennia Institute is an excellent choice for families with older children planning to attend university. Close to the Lumina Grand EC, the school offers a wide array of courses that cater to each student’s individual interests and strengths. Along with its demanding academic program, the institute also provides students with a vibrant campus life. As a result, students are provided with a comprehensive pre-university experience.

Location is always a key consideration when looking for a home in the bustling city of Singapore, and at Lumina Grand EC in Bukit Batok, you can enjoy not only contemporary living spaces and luxurious amenities but also close proximity to a number of excellent schools. Let’s take a look at these educational institutions, highlighting why Lumina Grand EC is the perfect choice for families seeking an ideal home with schooling needs in mind.

Singapore is dedicated to improving the transport infrastructure, and the people of Lumina Grand EC can expect even better connectivity in the times to come. Prospective projects like expansions of MRT lines, bus interchanges, and road extensions are in the works, showing the government’s full intent to bring Singapore even closer to the development of Lumina Grand EC.

Jurong Point, one of Singapore’s biggest suburban malls, is conveniently accessible from Lumina Grand EC. It boasts over 400 retail and food stores, offering a shopping experience that caters to each and every taste. With global fashion labels to handcrafted local items, Jurong Point has something for everyone.

Set in the meticulously-designed Bukit Batok, Lumina Grand EC is conveniently served by a great number of bus services. Residents of the area have easy access to other places even if they are not within the ambit of the MRT. From quick trips to close-by shopping malls to journeys to places further afield, the dependable bus services make getting to any destination effortless.

To sum up, the Jurong Region Line isn’t simply a transport development for Singapore; it has the potential to also bring a considerable growth in quality of life, ease, and prospects to Lumina Grand EC owners. This new line will push up the value of property values, as well as providing quicker access to employment and recreation for those living near it. As the network is implemented and the stops become active, Lumina Grand EC is set to become even more attractive, providing its inhabitants not only somewhere to stay, but an entry point into a variety of opportunities. With the JRL in place, the future looks bright, well-connected, and incredibly encouraging for each Lumina Grand EC owner.

Lumina Grand EC’s prime location affords its inhabitants easy access to nearby MRT stations. In addition, the upcoming Jurong Region Line will further bolster the vicinity’s links to major business precincts, shopping havens and leisure spots, facilitating a car-free journey to any of these appealing venues. Thus, the convenience of its close proximity to MRT stations gives residents a luxurious, stress-free commute to their chosen destinations.

Singapore’s transport system is widely respected for its commendable efficiency, wide-ranging coverage, and future-readiness. The Jurong Region Line (JRL) is the newest addition to this great system; it’s yet another feather in our cap. But the JRL isn’t just another MRT line; it’s poised to be a life-changer for the residents of Lumina Grand EC. In this article, we’ll investigate the full potential of the JRL and how it will significantly elevate the lifestyle of Lumina Grand EC owners.
The two other bidders were Qingjian Realty and MCC Land.

Lumina Grand EC, a new executive condominium, is situated at the heart of Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 by City Developments Limited (CDL). During its recent tendering process, four bidders were attracted to the Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 executive condominium (EC) site. CDL’s bid led the tendering war with a bid of $336.068 million, which translates to a land rate of $626 psf per plot ratio. Sim Lian Group placed its bid just short of CDL’s with an offer of $625 psf ppr, only a 0.17% difference. The other two bidders were Qingjian Realty and MCC Land.

Shopping centres such as JEM and Westgate provide more than just retail outlets; they are hubs of entertainment offering a range of exciting activities. On a weekend, why not catch the latest movie at JEM’s cinema in Jurong, or let your children run free in the play zone at Westgate? Get ready for a fun time – the possibilities are endless!

The nearby Swiss Cottage Secondary School is another well-known educational institution. Famous for its comprehensive approach to learning, the school provides students with the necessary knowledge, skills and values to thrive in an ever-changing world. Its proximity to Lumina Grand EC means that students benefit from shorter journeys to and from the school, enabling them to make the most of their time.

At the community club in Bukit Batok, residents of Lumina Grand EC may find more than just a traditional shopping centre. Offering workshops, classes, and activities, the club provides a way to learn new skills, participate in a favourite hobby, or just attend a fun community event. Through these activities, residents of the EC may benefit from holistic development and an enriching experience.

Residents of Lumina Grand EC can revel in a variety of delectable offerings just a short distance away in shopping centres located around Bukit Batok and Jurong. These havens of commerce provide much more than retail; they are also premier culinary destinations. Diners will find an array of options, from local specialties, to international delights, to gourmet dishes. With these dishes just minutes away, the gastronomic possibilities are practically limitless.

The JRL has certainly brought about a marked enhancement in connectivity. Especially for the Lumina Grand EC owners, journeying to the western and north-western regions of Singapore has now become much more efficient and effortless. Whether it is for an employment-related journey, catching up with friends or simply travelling for the purpose of shopping, the duration and experience of such commutes have been vastly improved.

Situated in the town of Bukit Batok, Lumina Grand EC is a popular choice among those making the transition from their HDB units. The appeal of the EC is unmistakable – it offers the best of both worlds, combining affordable prices with luxury features. It boasts the perfect blend of comfort, convenience and affordability, making it the ideal option for HDB upgraders.

Unlike most other ECs, Lumina Grand EC has something to offer for everyone. Its array of facilities such as the pool, clubhouse, and BBQ pits are perfect for family gatherings and social events. At the same time, its strategic location near major shopping malls, dining spots, and popular schools renders it extremely convenient for residents.

When it comes to affordability, Lumina Grand EC ticks the right boxes too. The EC is priced competitively, making it an attractive choice for those looking for a luxurious retreat without having to break the bank. Furthermore, a wide range of financing options makes it feasible even for those on a tight budget.

All in all, Lumina Grand EC stands out from its counterparts in terms of features, convenience, and affordability. Whether it’s for a newly formed family or a couple in search of a more luxurious abode, Lumina Grand EC will certainly make an ideal home.

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