Experience Holistic Learning at Nanyang Primary School, Located Near Holland Drive Condo

The close proximity gives the children the convenience of walking to the school while allowing parents to be assured of their safety.

The Holland Drive Condo Master Plan focuses on both developments while putting an emphasis on the preservation of Holland Village’s distinct cultural and heritage elements. This includes the protection and maintenance of the area’s unique characteristics such as its diverse range of eateries, its arts and culture community and the various historical landmarks. Furthermore, the plan also includes plans for landscape and public spaces, as well as the environment, with the aim of achieving a comprehensive transformation of the Holland Drive Condo area.

Fashion aficionados residing in Holland Drive Condo can take pleasure in the abundance of clothing boutiques and international brands, providing a wide range of options that can suit any budget. From chic, high-end fashion to more casual wear, this shopping center has it all. To top it off, accessory stores, shoe boutiques, and beauty salons have been established to help you create the perfect head-to-toe look.

The safety and security of its residents are of utmost importance to the Holland Drive Condo. As such, several enhancements have been made to the area, including upgraded roads, better street lighting, and improved public spaces. These measures have resulted in a safer environment for residents that are living in the Holland Drive Condo. All these changes have been implemented with the safety of the residents in mind, and they all work towards creating a community that is secure and comfortable to live in.

The addition of green spaces to a neighborhood, such as Holland Drive Condo, can bring many benefits to its residents. Not only does it provide a more pleasant and visually pleasing atmosphere, but it can also boost air quality and create a healthier environment. Studies have shown that the addition of vegetation can lead to improved air quality, making the area more comfortable for residents. Furthermore, the presence of lush surroundings can bring a sense of peace and tranquility to a community. Residents can enjoy the beauty of nature in their own backyard, while enjoying the benefits that come along with it. Additionally, green spaces are beneficial for the environment, helping to reduce pollution and combat climate change. By investing in green spaces, Holland Drive Condo residents will help to create a more sustainable and livable community.

The communal areas of Holland Drive Condo are essential for establishing a strong bond between the residents. Such spaces encourage interaction among them, thus fortifying the community spirit. This can help create an inviting environment for getting to know your neighbors, allowing for an exchange of ideas and discussion of shared interests. As a result, an atmosphere of camaraderie and friendship can develop.

Just a short distance away from Holland Drive Condo, Jelita Shopping Centre is a great retail location for the neighbourhood. Although it may not be as widely renowned as some other shopping centres nearby, it provides a stress-free and handy shopping experience. From essentials to special items, shoppers of all needs can find something at Jelita Shopping Centre, located just a stone’s throw away from Holland Drive Condo.

Creating and emphasizing on pedestrian pathways is essential in order to provide a safer and more enjoyable walk experience for those in the Holland Drive Condo vicinity. These pathways allow for easier accessibility while maintaining an enjoyable environment. There are several advantages to emphasizing pedestrian pathways, such as improved safety levels, as well as enhanced visual appeal. Not only do pathways create a more inviting area for pedestrians but they also promote physical activity, social interaction, and mental well-being. Furthermore, they reduce the number of cars in the area and reduce traffic congestion. The presence of pedestrian pathways significantly increases the overall quality of life in the Holland Drive Condo area.

For a more modern shopping experience in Holland Village, Holland Piazza is the perfect destination. Located just a stone’s throw away from the MRT Station, Holland Piazza offers a curated selection of retail outlets, dining options, and lifestyle stores in a sleek and spacious layout. With its contemporary design and comfortable atmosphere, Holland Piazza has become a popular shopping destination at the Holland Drive Condo vicinity.

Residents of Holland Drive Condo can enjoy the convenience of Jelita Shopping Centre. The shopping mall’s anchor tenant is Cold Storage, a favorite supermarket offering Holland Drive Condo residents a large array of groceries and fresh items. It’s a great place for basic necessities and food shopping. Plus, Jelita Shopping Centre includes several specialty stores, including bakeries, health and wellness establishments, and casual restaurants.

Situated in the tranquil surroundings of the Holland Drive Condo area, Holland Village has come to be known as a shopping destination in Singapore. From the esteemed contemporary complexes to the cozy local stores, there is something for everyone at this vibrant residential and dining hub. The ubiquitous malls in the area provide an array of shopping experiences, from unique clothing stores to specialty shops with rare and exotic finds. Whether you are looking for high-end luxury items or bargain deals, Holland Village has it all.

For those who prefer an intimate shopping experience, the area is dotted with independent fashion boutiques and lifestyle stores. Here, you can expect to find a curated selection of both established and emerging designers. These shops are also popular for one-of-a-kind items and unique souvenirs. All in all, the bustling shopping precincts of Holland Village, located near to Holland Drive Condo, offer residents and visitors an exciting shopping experience.
For those considering a move to Holland Drive Condo, there’s no shortage of retail and dining establishments to explore.

Residents of Holland Drive Condo have many choices when it comes to retail and dining options. With an increase in commercial spaces, there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and shops nearby that offer variety and convenience. Residents can easily enjoy a variety of restaurants and retail outlets just steps from their front door. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift, a quick bite to eat, or a leisurely dinner, you’ll find it all at Holland Drive Condo.
improved access to the rest of Singapore, less traffic congestion, and safer pathways for pedestrians. The URA has also identified Holland Drive Condo as a potential site of new developments, which could potentially benefit existing residents by providing more amenities and services. The Master Plan also sets out policies and strategies to promote a liveable neighbourhood. These include establishing green spaces, creating an accessible social infrastructure, and managing development to reduce overcrowding. All these measures will help to create a pleasant and hassle-free living experience for residents of Holland Drive Condo.

The URA Master Plan places great emphasis on strengthening the transport networks around Holland Drive Condo. This includes exploring ways to optimize road networks, introducing more pedestrian pathways, and possibly increasing public transport options. These initiatives would offer Holland Drive Condo residents several benefits, such as convenience when travelling to other parts of Singapore, less traffic jams, and safer pathways for those on foot. The URA has also identified Holland Drive Condo as a possible location for future development projects, which could potentially bring more facilities and services to existing residents. Additionally, the Master Plan also outlines policies and strategies to promote a liveable atmosphere. These involve carving out more green spaces, creating a easily accessible social infrastructure, and regulating development to avoid overcrowding. All of these measures should prove beneficial when it comes to creating a comfortable and stress-free living atmosphere for those at Holland Drive Condo.

For those with private vehicles, the strategic location of Holland Drive Condo makes accessing Singapore’s expressway network a breeze. Located within convenient distance of the Pan Island Expressway (PIE), which stretches from east to west, and the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE), stretching from west to east, Holland Drive Condo makes it easy for residents to get quickly to Changi Airport, Jurong, and the Central Business District. Travelling to the southern coast is also made simpler thanks to the AYE, offering commuters an easy route. With Holland Drive Condo, residents have the expressway access they need for efficient and stress-free commutes.

Those who live at the Holland Drive Condo are presented with a wide array of gastronomic experiences. From the popular hawker centers serving up local delights to upscale dining spots, they have plenty of delicious options to pick from. Plus, the nearby Holland Village MRT station makes commuting to other parts of the island a cinch. The convenient location of the Holland Drive Condo ensures that its residents have access to the best of Singapore’s offerings when it comes to dining.
This is certainly the case with the Holland Drive Condo, which has recently been constructed with modern and efficient utilities in mind. Residents living in this development can enjoy access to reliable water, electricity, and even fast wired internet. This is especially useful for those who need to telecommute or use the internet for business, as the fast connection speeds offered by the development’s utilities are second-to-none.

The newly constructed Holland Drive Condo offers its residents the convenience of modern, efficient and reliable utilities. From consistent water, electricity and even fast wired internet, those lucky enough to call the condo home can take advantage of these improved utilities. But what makes these utilities so unique is their speed and reliability – perfect for those who must telecommute or use the internet for business purposes, the fast connection speeds offered here are unrivalled. With the Holland Drive Condo, it’s clear that the developers had modern and efficient utilities in mind from the very start, and the end result is a development that offers unparalleled convenience.

Upgrading amenities can be a great way to promote a more modern community living environment. Holland Drive Condo residents may benefit from more modernized community centers, fitness areas, and additional public amenities. These kinds of improvements can help foster the sense of community and add to the overall quality of life for residents.

Residents of Holland Drive Condo can enjoy the convenience of having the Circle Line right at their doorstep. This train route covers various popular areas of Singapore, from Orchard Road to Botanic Gardens and Marina Bay Sands, helping to make transport to these places much more effortless. With the Circle Line, residents can easily access the city’s retail, food, and entertainment offerings without having to worry about traffic jams or parking problems. This makes living at Holland Drive Condo an even more attractive prospect.
The Holland Drive Condo is conveniently positioned near to some of these excellent institutions, such as Henry Park Primary School, National University of Singapore, and the Singapore Polytechnic.

Holland Village is renowned for its attractive lifestyle and wide range of quality educational institutions, making it an ideal location for families. The Holland Drive Condo offers a convenient solution for parents who wish to give their children the best in education without having to make long commutes. It is close to a selection of outstanding schools, such as Henry Park Primary School, National University of Singapore and Singapore Polytechnic – all within easy reach.

The commercial zones located around the Holland Drive Condo area are growing quickly, which means job opportunities are growing in the area as well. Residents of the condo now have the opportunity to find work in close proximity to their home, allowing them to save time on their commute. This also means more convenience when it comes to finding employment, as well as plenty of options for those looking for a job. Furthermore, the commercial zones are expected to continue to grow, which would mean more job opportunities for the residents.
With the Holland Drive Condo’s prime location, travelling around Singapore is no longer a chore.

Located in the thriving neighbourhood of Holland Village, Holland Drive Condo offers a luxurious living experience that is accompanied by exemplary connectivity. Located on Holland Road, residents of Holland Drive Condo will have easy access to a variety of alternative transportation options. The proximity to multiple MRT stations makes it possible for residents to enjoy quick and convenient journeys to various parts of Singapore. Holland Village MRT station, located just a few short steps away from Holland Drive Condo, is connected to the Circle Line, allowing residents to easily travel to places such as the Central Business District, Orchard Road, and Marina Bay. Additionally, Buona Vista MRT Station, a short drive or a leisurely walk away, is connected to both the East-West Line and the Circle Line, increasing the area’s connectivity immensely. Holland Drive Condo’s prime location makes it possible for residents to travel around Singapore with ease and comfort.

Holland Village is a vibrant hub for commuters, with the Holland Village MRT station at its center. This MRT station is part of the Circle Line, providing direct access to the rest of Singapore. Residents of the Holland Drive Condo can easily and quickly reach other major lines and access important destinations on the island. With its convenient location in the heart of Holland Village, the station makes public transportation a breeze for those living in the area.

The upgraded road networks in Singapore have made travelling to various parts of the city much more convenient, resulting in shorter commutes. With well-structured expressways, tunnels and highways, motorists can reach their destinations in a shorter time, making the journey much more enjoyable. This is especially helpful for those residing in Holland Drive Condo, as these developments are surrounded by several expressways and highways, allowing them to travel to different parts of Singapore more quickly.
Whether you are looking for the latest fashion trends, beauty products, or everyday household items, this mall is sure to have something for you. The retail area is quite spacious and also features many eateries and restaurants offering a variety of cuisines.

Situated at the Holland Drive Condo area, the Holland Road Shopping Centre is one of the longest-standing shopping hubs in Singapore. It may not be the biggest in size, but it is certainly one of the most iconic. With its charming atmosphere and wide selection of stores, this shopping hub is sure to please everyone looking for retail therapy or a tasty culinary experience. At the Holland Road Shopping Centre, you can find all of the latest fashion trends, beauty products, and household necessities. There are also many eateries and restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, all located within the confines of the shopping centre. Whether you are a local or a tourist, the Holland Road Shopping Centre is here to make all of your shopping needs at Holland Drive Condo a reality.

For food lovers, Holland Drive Condo is a paradise. The basement of the Holland Road Shopping Centre features a bustling hawker center, where you can experience local delights such as Hainanese chicken rice, char kway teow, and laksa. The scent of delicious meals attracts both locals and visitors alike, making it a popular spot for lunch. Come and visit the Holland Drive Condo hawker center to enjoy these mouth-watering Singaporean specialties.
Right next door, Holland Drive Condo is another great place to spend time. Whether you are looking for a birth shopping trip or a leisurely afternoon of relaxation, Holland Piazza and Holland Drive Condo have you covered.

Located within the bustling Holland Village area, Holland Piazza and Holland Drive Condo are excellent destinations for your next shopping trip. Whether you’re in the mood for international eats or local delicacies, Holland Piazza offers a range of dining options. For those looking for a bit of respite, the Holland Drive Condo is a great spot for an afternoon of relaxation. From tranquil strolls to great shopping, the Holland Village area has something to suit everyone. Close by, Holland Piazza and the Holland Drive Condo provide an ideal hub from which to explore the area.
Those looking at Holland Drive condo will be pleased to know that the vibrant Holland Village is just a short walk away.

For those considering Holland Drive condo, the opportunity for rental yield is further enhanced by its proximity to Holland Village. Holland Village is a bustling commercial zone, offering shops, restaurants and entertainment options. Furthermore, its excellent location just moments away from the condo means that tenants have the opportunity to enjoy the convenience of having everything they need within a few minutes of their residence.

The vibrant atmosphere of Holland Village further adds to Holland Drive condo’s potential for rental yield, as tenants are able to get to easily access the amenities the area has to offer. With so much on offer, it is easy to see why Holland Drive condo and its location near Holland Village can be an attractive option for both tenants and property investors.

This independent specialized school, situated not far from Holland Village, is tailored to students who demonstrate talent and a keen interest in mathematics and science. Here, students are exposed to a broad yet in-depth curriculum which enables them to pursue advanced topics while also grasping the interconnectivity of different disciplines. Additionally, its close proximity to the National University of Singapore facilitates a number of collaborative projects, thus augmenting the learning experience. Furthermore, Holland Drive Condo is situated nearby, allowing more recreational opportunities for students.
Food-wise, you’ll find plenty to savor, ranging from traditional hawker fare to international restaurants. Whether you’re in the mood for some roasted duck noodles or Italian pizza, you’ll find it all at the Holland Road Shopping Centre. On the top floor, you can even find a 24-hour gym, complete with the latest cardio and weight machines. If you get tired from all the shopping, take a break at the Holland Drive Condo mall’s numerous eateries and coffee shops, or just sit back and enjoy the view of the surrounding area.

For a unique shopping experience, visit the Holland Road Shopping Centre at Holland Drive Condo. Here, find a range of stalls and stores that offer discounted items as well as one-off pieces. From vintage clothing to antique stores and boutiques, the mall has it all. The food choices are also varied, with hawker stalls serving up local favorites and international restaurants for those looking for something more exotic. For fitness fanatics, the top floor boasts a 24/7 gym facility with modern exercise equipment. Shopping can be tiring, so rest your feet at one of the eateries or coffee shops, or even just take in the view of the neighborhood from the mall. With all these features, the Holland Road Shopping Centre at Holland Drive Condo is the perfect place to discover something new.

Holland Village, famously known as “Holland V”, is a lively enclave situated in Singapore. Renowned for its unconventional atmosphere, edgy dining spots, retail stores, and nightlife, Holland V is a popular tourist destination. For those living in Holland Drive Condo, it also offers a plethora of educational options. The area’s prestigious schools provide families residing in Holland Drive Condo with a range of educational choices. Let’s explore further the educational opportunities available around Holland Drive Condo.
For parents looking to settle in the area, the proximity to these international institutions means their children will be well-positioned for a bright future.

The charming and vibrant environment of Holland Village has had a positive influence on the nearby schools. Thanks to its multicultural ambience, students often go to Holland Village to engage in different cultural activities, art forms and culinary delights, allowing them to learn more than just the basics. The experience of getting exposed to the real world gives children the opportunity to expand their global perspectives and helps prepare them for the future. Considering the proximity of many international institutions, Holland Drive Condo is the perfect location for parents who want to settle in the area and provide their children with an enriching and well-rounded educational journey.

Raffles Holland V is more than just a shopping mall for those seeking fashion. It is also a destination for wellness and beauty, providing an array of products and services to indulge yourself and relax. Holland Drive Condo shopping enthusiasts can find everything they need to create their perfect self-care experience.

SP, located close to Holland Drive Condo, is not a conventional school but provides post-secondary education in a range of disciplines from engineering to media studies. This speaks to Singapore’s dedication to varied educational options, demonstrating acknowledgement that the academic paths of students are highly varied.

The URA Master Plan has outlined zones for commercial and business growth in Holland Village, and Holland Drive Condo is set to benefit immensely from this. This could lead to more employment opportunities in the area, increased convenience for residents who are looking for amenities and services, and greater vibrancy in the neighbourhood. The development of new establishments in the surrounding area will open up even more choices for Holland Drive Condo owners who wish to wine and dine without heading too far away from home.

Holland Village is a destination that truly stands out for its incredible convenience and efficiency when it comes to transport. No doubt, its central location makes it easy to get to, and from, wherever you may want to go in Singapore. For those living at Holland Drive Condo, the convenience is even greater as they have easy access to a wide range of amenities and public transport links that make getting around the city efficient and hassle-free. Residents of Holland Drive Condo can benefit from a range of public transport services, such as the MRT, buses, and taxis, offering an incredibly convenient and efficient way of getting around Singapore. Furthermore, those living in the area have easy access to a variety of grocery stores, supermarkets, and even entertainment venues that make living in Holland Village an unparalleled experience.

In addition to the convenience and efficiency of public transport, Holland Village also offers a variety of other services, such as car rental services, bike rental services, and even shuttle services. Car rental services provide a convenient and cost-effective way to get around the city, while bike rental services offer a great way to travel around Holland Village and its surrounding area. Additionally, shuttle services are also available for those who want to explore the area and get to their desired destination quickly and conveniently.

Overall, Holland Village is truly one of Singapore’s most convenient and efficient places to live, especially for Holland Drive Condo residents who have easy access to a wide range of amenities and efficient transport links. Whether you are looking for convenience, efficiency, or simply a great place to call home, Holland Village is definitely the perfect choice for you.

Holland Drive Condo is a great example of the range and energy of Singapore’s shopping landscape. The Holland Road Shopping Centre offers an abundance of special items, while Holland Piazza offers a modern shopping outing. Those looking for a more luxurious shopping experience can opt for Raffles Holland V, while Jelita Shopping Centre offers the utmost convenience. No matter what you’re looking for, this lively district has something for everyone. Holland Drive Condo is the perfect place to explore and experience all that this dynamic neighbourhood has to offer.

Raffles Holland V boasts an outstanding alfresco dining area. Besides a selection of eateries and cafes that offer both indoor and outdoor seating, this Holland Drive Condo development provides the perfect environment to relax, indulge in a delectable feast, or grab a cup of coffee while enjoying the vibrant ambiance of Holland Village at Holland Drive Condo.

Holland Drive Condo is situated in a highly advantageous spot, located along the renowned Holland Road. This notable artery and its broad lanes provide easy access to various parts of Singapore. Residents of Holland Drive Condo are able to travel conveniently to Orchard Road, Central Business District, and other spots around the city, with efficient traffic management ensuring swift commutes. In addition, other major roads also ensure excellent connectivity for the locality. Alternatives such as Commonwealth Avenue lead to the north and south of Singapore, while Farrer Road offers easy access to the central and eastern parts of the island. With such great transportation links, Holland Drive Condo is an attractive option for urban dwellers due to its prime location.

Holland Drive Condo is home to Holland Piazza, a destination that offers a variety of lifestyle stores for all your home décor needs. From gifts and unique trinkets to stylish furnishings, the Piazza makes it easy to find the perfect piece to adorn your home, or find that special something to surprise a loved one. Make Holland Piazza at Holland Drive Condo your next destination for all your home décor and gift shopping.

Located just a short drive away from Holland Drive Condo, Anglo-Chinese School (International) is a highly-regarded learning institution catering to both local and international students. With courses designed according to the English National Curriculum and the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), culminating in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, the school is renowned for its thorough and comprehensive approach to education. Academic excellence and character development are integral components of the school’s mission, creating a harmonious learning environment for all students.

Holland Drive Condo offers an unparalleled living experience that’s nestled in the heart of Singapore’s vibrant Holland Village. Boasting a stunning design and a prime location, it is a shining example of modern luxury and convenience in the Lion City. Residents get to enjoy a host of amenities that’s perfectly suited for an upscale urban living. From an infinity pool overlooking the city skyline, to a fully-equipped gym and an open-air BBQ area, they have everything they need to live life to the fullest. Holland Drive Condo truly provides a unique lifestyle that one can only experience in Singapore.

Residents of Holland Drive Condo have a unique experience living in a locale that offers the perfect combination of old-world charm and modern amenities. Enjoy the beauty of classic architecture and lush greenery while still benefiting from modern conveniences, all in the same place. With it’s scenic setting, the residences of Holland Drive Condo have the best of both worlds.

Shopping in Holland Drive Condo will take you on an unforgettable journey, with retail outlets offering a vast selection of products and services combined with a unique shopping experience. Here, one will find an array of fashion outlets and food stores, home décor shops and even daily essentials. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, Holland Drive Condo’s shopping centers guarantee a delightful retail therapy experience that will make you come back for more. Prepare to be surprised and enchanted as you explore the incredible variety of stores available in the neighbourhood and get your hands on the perfect items!

The URA Master Plan provides an outline for the future of Singapore’s land use over the coming years, with a focus on maintaining the heritage of Holland Village. Holland Drive Condo, a prime residential development in the area, will be one of the main beneficiaries of the plan’s direction. Residents of this condo can look forward to a slew of benefits from the URA’s vision, which includes:

Just a short distance away from Holland Drive Condo, MGS is a distinguished all-girls school, providing primary and secondary levels of education. Established on Christian values, the school has been providing high-quality education for more than a century. Its rich heritage and powerful emphasis on values, leadership, and service have established MGS as one of the leading choices for girls’ education in the area of Holland Drive Condo.

Living in Holland Drive Condo is a great way to enjoy the convenience of city living without having to compromise on the convenience of public transport. Residents of Holland Drive Condo will find it easy to access the city, with the proximity of public transport networks, which are a major advantage of this location.

There is excellent access to the bus network, with a number of routes serving the area, and a number of MRT stations within walking distance or a short bus ride. With potential enhancements to public transit, residents of Holland Drive Condo could expect more frequent bus services or even extensions of existing MRT lines.

For those travelling to the city centre, the journey is a breeze with the doorstep accessibility of the MRT. The nearby Tanjong Pagar MRT station, for instance, is served by the East-West and North-South lines, with easy access to other parts of the island.

For drivers, Holland Drive Condo is conveniently located close to major expressways, making it a breeze to get into the city and out of it. There are also plenty of parking spaces available for residents.

In conclusion, Holland Drive Condo is a great place to live for those who want to enjoy all the conveniences of city living without having to compromise on the convenience of public transport. With easy access to the bus and MRT networks, residents are able to easily get around, and with potential enhancements to public transit, the journey to the city centre will be a breeze.

Residents of Holland Drive Condo will have plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation nearby. Joggers, children playing sports, and anyone else looking to enjoy nature will find parks and recreational zones with plenty of space for activities. In addition to providing a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of life in the city, these areas also provide a great way for residents of Holland Drive Condo to stay healthy and active.

The cultural elements of Holland Drive Condo that have been preserved and maintained will no doubt keep tourists coming, which serves to benefit the local businesses and bring life to the area. Tourism has a profound effect on the neighborhood, and it’s great to see that Holland Drive Condo has done its part in making sure these elements are not forgotten. Visitors can experience a piece of history while enjoying all the modern amenities that the area has to offer.

The Holland Drive Condo is perfectly positioned in Singapore’s highly sought after Holland Village neighbourhood, providing residents with unparalleled access to an abundance of amenities and attractions. This buzzing enclave boasts an impressive array of quaint shops, eclectic eateries and exciting nightlife hotspots. With such a wealth of facilities and activities in the vicinity, it’s no wonder that the Holland Drive Condominium is such a popular spot for both locals and visitors alike.

The Master Plan will ensure that Holland Village’s infrastructure is modernized and improved, creating an enhanced experience for all residents, including those living at Holland Drive Condo. This can result in: increased walkability for pedestrians, improved accessibility and public transportation options, and an increased number of amenities and services available in the area. Furthermore, the plan will ensure that the area remains an attractive and livable place for years to come. A key part of the plan includes new construction projects that will bring further economic activity to the neighborhood and create a vibrant, dynamic environment. This includes new commercial centers, as well as residential buildings such as the upcoming Holland Drive Condo.

Raffles Holland V is set to be the latest addition to the vibrant retail scene of Holland Village, combining retail, dining, and residential spaces at Holland Drive Condo. With an exclusive selection of premier amenities, the development offers an elevated shopping experience for the discerning consumer. Guests will enjoy an array of options, from specialty retail stores to array of dining outlets, creating a truly unique lifestyle destination.

The retail selection will include an upscale mix of retailers, from fashion and lifestyle stores to speciality shops and boutique stores. The dining options will offer both local and international dining experiences, ensuring that visitors will find something to enjoy. Visitors will also appreciate the convenience of on-site amenities such as a supermarket, a food hall, and entertainment offerings.

The residential component of Raffles Holland V will consist of both private residential units and serviced residence units. The private units will be designed to provide the ultimate comfort and functionality, while the serviced residence units offer a full-service living experience.

Raffles Holland V promises to be the premier destination to live, dine, and shop at Holland Drive Condo. With its impressive selection of retail, dining, and other amenities, it will provide an unprecedented shopping and lifestyle experience.

For those who prefer bus rides, Holland Drive Condo sits conveniently in an area blessed with an efficient network. The Buona Vista Bus Terminal, located close to the condo, makes travel a breeze with an array of bus services that ply different routes across Singapore. Residents have the advantage of convenient access to bustling areas like Orchard as well as the quieter areas of the West. Moreover, many bus stops can be found along Holland Road and the surrounding area, allowing residents to reap the benefits of a vast array of routes without long waits.

Henry Park Primary is one of Singapore’s most sought-after primary schools, located near Holland Drive Condo. The school has a renowned track record for academic excellence, as well as a strong focus on the development of strong values and character education. Henry Park Primary is a highly desirable choice for many parents, as its top-notch curriculum successfully fosters the academic, moral and character development of pupils. Holland Drive Condo is in close proximity to the school, making it easily accessible for parents and students alike.
The stylishly designed mall also contains a grocery store, a cinema, and a variety of cafes and restaurants, giving shoppers plenty of options for relaxing and recharging after a long day of retail therapy.

Head to Raffles Holland V for the ultimate shopping experience. This mall is home to a wide selection of boutique stores and specialty shops, with a focus on luxury brands and high-end fashion. If you’re looking for designer clothing, fine jewelry, or premium cosmetics, there is something for everyone. From shopping, to dining, to entertainment, the stylishly designed Holland Drive Condo will not disappoint. The mall also features a grocery store, cinema, and a variety of cafes and restaurants for those seeking a break after an exciting day of retail therapy.
Holland Drive Condo is one such neighborhood in Singapore that has attracted many potential residents and investors.

Holland Drive Condo is a neighborhood with a distinct history and culture that has proved to be a great investment for potential homeowners and real estate investors. As one of Singapore’s oldest areas, it has maintained its property values over time and even seen an increase in home values. Residents of Holland Drive Condo can expect their investment to remain stable, no matter the market conditions. Aside from its desirability as an investment opportunity, the neighborhood also offers a unique lifestyle experience. With its quaint streets, colonial-style architecture, and strong sense of community, Holland Drive Condo has long been a sought-after area of Singapore.

This historic neighborhood has managed to maintain its property value despite changing market conditions by providing its residents with a strong sense of community and culture. Community members take pride in their homes and take care of them, ensuring that they are kept in good condition and increase in value over time. Additionally, its location in central Singapore and proximity to many amenities, such as schools and public transportation, have made Holland Drive Condo even more attractive to potential buyers.

Holland Drive Condo has seen unprecedented growth in recent years, with home values on the rise and more people making the switch from renting to homeownership. The area’s unique colonial-style architecture, strong sense of community, and central location are just some of the reasons why more and more people are purchasing property in the neighborhood. Residents who purchased property in Holland Drive Condo can feel secure in the knowledge that their investment will remain stable regardless of market conditions, and that their home will continue to appreciate in value as the years pass.

An integral part of the URA’s planning involves adding green spaces, parks, and recreational zones to Holland Drive Condo, enhancing the living experience of its residents. These areas could provide places for leisure activities, social interaction, and physical fitness. In addition, by creating a greater sense of community, Holland Drive Condo is likely to experience an increased sense of well-being amongst its residents. With the integration of green spaces, parks, and recreational zones, Holland Drive Condo will see an enhanced living experience for all of its occupants, who will benefit from greater social connections, improved physical health, and increased feelings of community.

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